How to properly use peat briquettes for heating? 10 recommendations for using peat briquettes for heating purposes.

Using peat briquettes for heating is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to keep your home warm. Following these recommendations will ensure that peat briquettes are used safely and effectively.

1. Choose the right peat briquettes:

Choose high-quality peat briquettes made from fuel peat pressed at high temperature and under high pressure. Look for briquettes that do not contain additives or chemicals.

2. Choosing the right heating equipment:

Choose a wood-burning stove, fireplace or any other heating device designed for burning with solid fuel suitable for burning peat briquettes.

3. Store peat briquettes correctly:

Briquettes should be stored in a dry place where they cannot be affected by atmospheric precipitation.

4. Preparation of the area around the heating equipment:

Clear the space around the heating device of all flammable materials, ensuring a safe distance from walls, furniture and other objects.

5. Air flow test:

Make sure that the ventilation openings of the heating device or the air supply control devices (louvers) are working properly. Proper airflow is essential for efficient combustion.

6. Ignition:

For ignition, you can use all the available means: wooden kindling, paper, birch bark, as well as any other special kindling means you can buy.

7. Air supply:

Once the briquettes have ignited, reduce the oxygen supply to the heating system. By adjusting the air flow, you can control the burning speed and temperature.

8. Avoid overheating:

Do not overload the heating device with too many peat briquettes. This can cause poor combustion, reduced efficiency and excessive smoke. Please note that the volume of peat briquettes increases during burning

9. Ash cleaning:

When the fire has burned out and the ashes have cooled, clean the oven from the ashes. More information on what to do with ashes here.

10. Safety measures:

Install smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors to ensure safety and indoor air quality in your home.

By following these recommendations, you can maximize the efficiency and safety of using peat briquettes for heating, while enjoying the cozy warmth they provide. Order briquettes.